About Governance360

This article is about the history of Governance360 and the story of our founder Clive Bawden

About BoardSecure

Board Secure Limited, trading as Governance360, was formed by award winning Director and Chartered Accountant Clive Bawden to solve a number of practical issues he encountered on the Boards of small, often fast growing SMEs and Charities. He explains:

"As with many business ideas, Governance360 arose from my own experience. Over the years I have worked as a mentor and board advisor to a number of companies and start-up businesses, and also as a trustee for multiple charities.  Some good, some not so good with hindsight... 

I found that while intentions are almost always good, directors are often not held accountable for actions, businesses struggle to keep abreast of regulation increases and training, and governance training is sporadic, time consuming and often inconsistent.

The result of this is that many businesses and charities often put their organisation at risk of things which could have been easily avoided, and end up becoming barriers to their own success!

While larger organisations can take advantage of having a company secretary, or some very sophisticated governance tools, I found that for smaller organisations there was no such solution, which was my Governance360 lightbulb moment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit BoardSecure and I look forward to working with you."