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Add a new committee on BoardSecure

This article describes how an Administrator using the BoardSecure portal can set-up a new Committee on the platform

How to add a new Committee on BoardSecure

Before starting - please note, You can only set up new Committees (or Boards if you prefer to use that phrase) if you have Administrator status.

If you are the Administrator, then this is how you set up a new Committee:

  • Go to the Company homepage (for a shortcut to this page, click on the Companies tab at the top of the page once logged-in and then select the Company you wish to administer)
  • Scroll down the page to the tab titled 'Committees'
  • To the right of this tab you should see a box titled 'Create Committee'
  • Click this tab once
  • A pop-up box should emerge, titled 'Create a Committee'
  • Enter the name of the new Committee/Board you wish to create.  For example 'Finance & Risk Committee'
  • Click Save
  • You should now be returned to the Company homepage - at the bottom of the Committees tab you should now see the new Committee listed