Blocking a Board members access rights

This article describes how an Administrator using the BoardSecure portal can stop an existing Board member viewing the platform

Blocking a Board members access rights

This action can only be carried out by a person with Administration rights to BoardSecure

It is possible to Put on Hold a Board member's access to the platform (for example if they are ill, are about to leave the organisation but have not completed their offboarding, etc). 

In light of your GDPR requirements to only keep relevant, timely information within your Company (recognising that whilst most Board papers would not have personal, sensitive information in, there may be examples, for example Board papers relating to personnel matters that may do), we have deliberately engineered this process of deletion to be as simple as possible.

  • Go to the Company homepage (for a shortcut to this page, click on the Companies tab at the top of the page once logged-in and then select the Company you wish to administer)
  • On the left hand side you will see a list of Board members
  • Navigate to the Board member that you wish to administer
  • Click on the name of the Board member (the names of members should be highlighted)
  • This should create a pop-up box titled "Personal Details" for that Board member
  • At the bottom of this box there should be a tab called 'On Hold'
  • Clicking this tab will both disable the member's access immediately to your Board (they will not be able to log-in), as well as removing them from your billing schedule so that you will not be charged for this member in future

We offer this block feature as default since many Boards wish to retain access for members for a period after they have stopped using the platform (rather than removing them immediately).  If you wish to remove a member entirely, and remove their persona and data from the platform then please contact us at and we will remove the member from the platform and inform you when this has been done.

If you decide that you wish to remove the Board member entirely, then please read this article.