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Deleting an onboarding step on BoardSecure

This article describes how an Administrator using the BoardSecure portal can delete one of the onboarding steps used to control the addition of new members to the platform

Deleting an onboarding step


Steps can only be deleted and managed by a person with Administration rights to BoardSecure.  

If you are the Administrator, there are two points at which you can delete Onboarding steps for your organisation, as follows:
  • When creating the Organisation structure from the beginning as part of the sign-up process to BoardSecure
  • During the Organisation set-up phase you will work through a screen titled Onboarding steps
  • On this page are a number of pre-set onboarding steps, tailored to your organisation type, typically four in number
  • To delete one of these steps (most obviously if it does not relate to your own organisational process), simply click Delete on the hand side of the panel and this step will be removed from your onboarding routines
  • It will not therefore present to any future Member you onboard onto Board Secure

When managing your Organisation on a day to day basis

  • Go to the Company homepage (for a shortcut to this page, click on the Companies tab at the top of the page once logged-in and then select the Company you wish to administer)
  • When you have arrived at the Company dashboard that you wish to administer, click on the button marked 'Manage' on the right hand side, top of the screen
  • Scroll down the page to the section marked 'Onboarding'
  • Below this section heading should be the list of personalised Onboarding steps you created when initially creating your Organisation on Board Secure
  • To delete an Onboarding step - click 'Delete' on the right hand side of the section
  • NOTE - this will immediately delete the Onboarding step from your Organisation.  It will also delete all data that relates to this onboarding step, which is not recoverable either by you or by the Board Secure administration team
  • Please therefore - only delete Onboarding steps that you are confident will not be required again by your Organisation in future.
  • (You can of course re-create a step from scratch - see our FAQ query on how to set up new steps - this will be added to all current and future member profiles.  They will all have to upload data again from scratch though to complete)