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Deleting Documents within a Meeting folder

This article describes how an Administrator using the BoardSecure portal can delete documents updated to a specific meeting in BoardSecure

Deleting Documents within a Meeting folder

Documents can only be deleted by a person with Administration rights to BoardSecure. 

In light of your GDPR requirements to only keep relevant, timely information within your Company (recognising that whilst most Board papers would not have personal, sensitive information in, there may be examples, for example Board papers relating to personnel matters that may do), we have deliberately engineered this process of deletion to be as simple as possible.

  • Go to the Company homepage (for a shortcut to this page, click on the Companies tab at the top of the page once logged-in and then select the Company you wish to administer)
  • Scroll down the page to the tab titled 'Committees'
  • Click the Committee name you wish to administer and navigate to the relevant meeting
  • That Committee should now appear on your screen (members of the committee listed on the left)
  • Navigate to the paper that you wish to delete
  • Click Delete
  • This will remove the Document instantly from the platform
  • NOTE - we do NOT keep a record of that action within our platform for the reasons given above.  Be choosy therefore with the documents you wish to delete!