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Duplicate Companies on BoardSecure

This article describes how we deal with two customers seeking the rights to a Company Name on the BoardSecure platform

My Company number is already in use on BoardSecure

During the set-up of a new Company Dashboard, BoardSecure customers are asked to validate that they have the rights to administer the Organisation they are seeking to set-up on the platform.

Once allocated to a customer, we do not allow other new customers to set-up an organisation with the same credentials.  

This can occasionally happen by accident, for example when two trustees have the idea to use BoardSecure and independently create accounts without the other realising at the same point of time.

We do operate strong controls over this area though, and these are in place to prevent security errors being made and to help secure user data.

Should you be new to BoardSecure and find that your organisation number is already in use when you seek to create a new account, in the first instance contact us at support@governance360.co.uk.  

We will walk you through our validation procedures and once verified, seek to clarify the situation and resolve it to enable you to benefit from the platform.