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How do I mark Documents as approved within the Meetings folder on the BoardSecure portal?

This article summarises how an Administrator can mark Documents as approved within the Meetings folder on the BoardSecure portal

How do I mark Documents as approved within the Meetings folder?

Version control can be a major headache for all Company Boards, not least how to ensure that the approved (usually signed) minutes are stored and visible to all members of the Board.

We have solved this issue within BoardSecure in this way, which can only be administered by those having Administrator level rights to the platform:

  • Within your Company, click through to the Meeting that you wish to mark papers as Approved in (typically by clicking the relevant Committee, then clicking to the Meeting in question)
  • In the Meeting Documents section, click the icon on the right hand side marked "Upload"
  • A pop-up section should emerge, titled "Upload a meeting document"
  • Using this feature the Administrator can upload any document to the Meeting history by browsing to find the document to store (typically searching the hard drive to find a saved file) and then where Board Secure says "Type in Document name" typing in the relevant document name for the file enclosed, for example sales report, management accounts, etc
  • For the approval function though, there are two specific pre-sets built into Board Secure to highlight that these specific papers are approved for Board circulation and distribution.  
  • These are Agenda and Minutes
  • To upload a copy of either document, once it is Final/Approved to upload, we suggest you proceed as follows:
    • Find the Document required by browsing and click Upload to upload to the platform (for example a scanned copy of the hard copy Board Minutes with the Chair's signature)
    • Type the word Agenda or Minutes (Minutes will only appear when the meeting has already occurred) into the "Type in Document name" box.
    • Click Submit to upload the Document to the platform
  • When you are returned to the Meeting screen, you should now see that against the file uploaded, there is a clearly visible green 'Approved' signification to members of the Board that that document is final and a record of Company activity.