BoardSecure permissions

This article outlines the various permission levels available to Administrators and Users of the BoardSecure portal.

User Access levels

BoardSecure operates access to its Company dashboards through a series of Permissions and Roles.

A Permission level configures what data you can administer, view and edit, whereas a Role describes the outline position you may have in the Organisation.  Each member of a Company dashboard will have one permission and one role description for the duration of their use of the platform (although both can be altered as we'll describe below).

If you can't perform a particular function in BoardSecure, such as setting up an onboarding step or creating a new meeting, it is likely that your user access Permission doesn't allow you to do this.  Only a user with BoardSecure administrator Permission access can set or modify users' access levels, so you will need to speak to them if you want to change yours for any reason.

The Administrator Permission level is the only level that can create meetings, administer documentation and add new users.

There are then a large number of User roles created within BoardSecure, for example Chair, Director, Non-Executive, Trustee and Observer to name just five.