We don't have a company credit card

This article summarises how customers can pay for our services if they do not have a credit card

We don't have a company credit card

We offer several methods of payment for the products offered by our platform.

On receipt of our annual subscription invoice, customers have a choice of

- Paying online using credit card through our secure, encrypted payment solution (powered by Stripe) which is built into our invoicing system and enables you to pay quickly and securely.

- Or you can choose to make a transfer of funds from your bank account to the BoardSecure company bank account.  Upon cleared receipt of funds we will then confirm the invoice has been paid and enable your future features to be opened.

- Or we do offer a per monthly billing option, which we offer through GoCardless.  We will ask you when we approach you for invoicing details after registration if you wish to take up this option, and if so you will be able to enter your details securely using the links we provide to this award-winning, secure, payment provider.

For more, and to enquire about pricing and availability, please email our Support Team and we'll work with you to create a solution.