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What Documents can I see within the Meetings folder on the BoardSecure portal?

This article summarises the documents that an Administrator or User can view using the meetings folder on the BoardSecure portal

What Documents can I see within the Meetings folder?

All members of a Committee will be able to see all of the Documents required for that meeting.

  • Click the "View Meeting" button at the top right of each meeting name
  • This will take you into the detailed screen for that meeting, detailing location, date and at the bottom of this screen you should see all documents required for that meeting (typically Agenda, Minutes and Board Papers depending on how your Board is run)
  • If you cannot see a document that you are expecting, and you are a member of that Committee, then this means that that document has NOT been uploaded to the platform yet.
  • The way the permissions management in BoardSecure work, if you are a member of a Committee then you should be able to see all papers for that meeting.
  • To correct an error (most obviously to view a paper that you expect to see as part of that meeting), then you need to contact your Company Administrator to resolve.  As part of our data model, and to keep your own documents private to your Board only, we do not have access to your Company documents and cannot administer your papers.